Premium Mulch

Premium Mulk for Sale- Bulk Mulch for Sale- Frames Power EquipmentMulch is a simple and effective way to transform any landscape. At Frames Power Equipment, we offer a full line of premium mulches that will help make your project a success. Whether used for insulating the ground, weed control or adding aesthetic value to your property, great results come from using great materials. Our bulk mulch offering is an economical way to buy the quantity you need for a large-scale job without sacrificing quality.
We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing excellence customer service and top of the line products at the best prices. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with your upcoming mulch project to make sure you have the right product and sizing for your needs.


Our Bulk Mulch for Sale

We measure our premium mulch using a certified yard bucket.
27.0 cubic foot = 1 yard, our bucket is 27.9 cubic foot


  1. Triple Ground Hardwood – $28.00/yard
    Our premium triple ground hardwood mulch is known for its dark, rich color and fine texture that ensures you have the perfect landscape beds. Many consider it the optimum mulch for providing beautiful color, weed suppression and moisture retention. You can expect to get a full season of life out of our triple ground hardwood mulch.
  2. Premium Aged Bark – $36.00/yard
    Produced from tree bark, premium aged bark mulch is the industry’s most popular type of mulch, known for its rich brown color. Its fine consistency helps it break down fast allowing excellent nutrient value to be released to the ground. Premium aged bark mulch will last about one full season and should be turned at least once.
  3. Black Dyed – $30.00/yard
    Our black dyed mulch adds long-lasting beauty to your landscape. Black mulch is known for its color retention throughout the year.
  4. Premium Black Dyed – $36.00/yard
    Premium black dyed mulch is a popular choice that will make your landscape and the color of your plants pop. Made with all-natural, long-lasting black colorant, our premium black dyed mulch can help prevent soil erosion, reduce weed development and is easy to spread.

Our Premium Mulch is for sale at our Chester Springs store as bulk mulch that can be loaded into your truck or we delivered within 5 miles of our store. There is a 4-yard minimum for mulch delivery.

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Premium Mulch

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